Firsts and Seconds

Hi all!

First off, I’m having a blast out here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss all my friends and family. I wish I could hug all of you everyday and tell you that I love you. Since I can’t, just know that I am eternally grateful for your support. This feels pretty BA at times, but it would feel considerably less so if I didn’t feel all of your hands guiding me along the way. Thank you.

I’ve been settling in more and more everyday. Last Sunday I had the opportunity to go on my first hiking trip, got super burnt, and have some pretty gnarly tan lines to show for it. I was told the trail was going to be six miles, which made me sweat a little bit because I didn’t know how I would respond to the altitude after only being here for a few days. Then, in the car they mentioned using expert trails and that made me sweat A LOT. But it was great! From the top of our vantage point you could see for miles. And now I can say that I hike expert trails. The pictures really never do this type of thing justice.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been told countless times that it is abnormally hot, which is just my luck. They also say it rains a lot, but for the first week it was nothing but blue skies and 90s. These last few days it has finally rained and it has it’s cooled down so much! I have no A/C in my apartment, so these hot days have been brutal and I’m loving the cooler nights. A major plus of the rain is absolutely beautiful sunsets.

Today, I drove to Fort Collins, Colorado which is only a little over an hour from Laramie. And, hey, look! Public health on display!

Laura and I did a bike a brewery tour in Fort Collins last summer and it was hands down one of the funniest days we had out there. It’s a really awesome place and I’m hoping to make a bunch of trips down here this summer to explore.

Colorado State University, which is located in Fort Collins, has an MPH program that I *may or may not* be interested in, depending on how these next few years go. I explored the campus for awhile and it’s huge compared to ISU, and extremely bike friendly (like Fort Collins itself). There were bike racks on bike racks on bike racks and many sections of the sidewalks were sanctioned for bike users. I’m hoping when my position ends in August that I can hop back down there to actually talk to someone about their programs.

Coming into Colorado from Wyoming is SO much more beautiful than it is from Nebraska. As I crested the top of one hill, the Rockies came into full view and I was reminded why I love this place so much. I get a tingle in my chest every time I’m close to something that grand. It’s incredible. From being here last summer, to falling into an obsession with Mt. Everest, I’m itching to climb some mountains.

Also, the job is going well! Took my typical-of-me few days to get my barrings, but I’m working on solidifying my spot among this awesome group of AmeriCorps VISTAs and continuing to make a difference in the lives of this community.


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