Welcome to how to be quiet. I’m Rachel. I’m a reader, writer, and daydreamer, and on the occasions I’m planted in the real world I work in and study Public Health. I’m twenty-seven and suffering from my third mid-life crisis (expecting the fourth to arrive very soon!). I like most things but love words and pandas. I eat copious amounts of chocolate and pizza and am at my happiest when I’m among friends, books, and mountains.

Despite the title, this is not a how-to blog. There’s no wrong way to be quiet. Do you, boo.

I have been plagued (plagued, I tell you) all my life by people throwing the word quiet at me like a grenade. But my quietness is not something you can blow up, it isn’t something you can extract from the pieces and put me back together without. 

I am quiet. I am also loud. I am 5’6″. I am optimistic. I am brave. I am introspective. I am adventurous. I am shy. I am moved to movement by music. I am strong. I am geeky. I am always, always tired. 

I am quiet and I am full to the brim with words. If you’ve been looking for them, here they are.