Dream List

Welcome to my Dream List, the list is all the things (still growing) that I want to accomplish in my lifetime, including the huge, monstrous, literally impossible, because if you don’t dream the impossible than the impossible wins.

Climb Mt. Everest

Love so unafraid

Write a book

Publish a book

Become “an author”

Be interviewed

Become a Buddhist

Sing on stage

Write a song for someone

Move to Colorado

Publish a book of poetry

Swim in the Ocean 


Learn how to surf

Fall so madly in love your soul shakes

Learn another language

Be an actress

See pandas in the wild

Read 1,000 books

Make the world better

Be 100 and in the best shape of my life

Be ageless

Read every single book

Have dinner with JK Rowling

Visit the stars

Serenade a lover

Hike Medicine Bow Peak


Get doctorate

Save a life

Travel to every country

Speak four languages

Know Latin

Get all of my favorite tattoos

Say I love you

Change the world

Revolutionize public health

Be you

Scuba in the great barrier reef

Go on an African safari


Go to Africa for AIDS relief

Build a treehouse

Play basketball in college

Play guitar on stage

Be a rockstar

Live authentically you

Publish *Onyx*

Visit all 50 states

Visit Nicole in Hawaii 


Be a great public speaker

Rock climber

Climb all Colorado 14ers

Be formidable

Backpack the Pacific Coast Trail

Teach at Illinois State University


Do a TED Talk

Find Balance

Find my personal legend

Read a book a week in 2017

Forgive immediately – always


Write a book series

Take dancing lessons

Own a house with a killer library

Work with pandas

Having an animal rescue

Meet Samantha Shannon

Come up with the real book title 

Backpack through Europe

Have a blog post go viral

Adopt a dog

Hold a handstand

Be a yoga instructor

Launch my new blog!!

Get inducted into ISU hall of fame

Go skydiving

Cheat death

Meditate every day for the rest of my life

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Visit Harry Potter World

Get a pixie cut

Meet Pierce Brown