Writing Thoughts

The Waiting Game

It has been a month since I finished my book and the waiting game has been interesting. I was fine, then I was panicked, then I was fine again, and now I’m back to being a mess. Kind of feels like when my heart starts to pound at 10pm it knows someone is dragging a red pen over it.

At this point, whatever the reality is, my brain is convinced I spent a year and a half on 118k words of garbage.

I know that’s not true. I really, really love the last half. The beginning is good. It’s the middle that has been giving me fits. Feedback is going to be my best friend.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get through this interim without writing, but I don’t want to start working on the sequel until I start querying. Instead, I dove right in to another idea that came to me last year, something that has been spinning in my head and gaining steam.

I love it. I’m 40 pages deep. Coming at it from a different direction than I’m used to – I feel most comfortable writing in first person, but I’ve been able to fluidly move into third person with this character. It’s also a completely different genre than my main project and that has helped give me some separation.

I will continue to plug away at Project #2 until I get the feedback for Project #1, at which time I’ll switch back over and try to knock out my edits by the end of the summer.

These words from the goddess J.K. Rowling’s twitter have been invaluable to me lately:

Starting this second project has been tremendously helpful for me to overcome my fears and anxiety about my first one. It’s also helped to relieve the pressure that my first story has to be perfect. It doesn’t. I am deep in bed with those characters, but I have no shortage of ideas stocked away, waiting to pour out of me.

So when the time soon comes to start editing project #1 again, I think the words and fixes will come more freely now, knowing I have something else waiting in the wings. I’m excited. I’m terrified. And I’m going to do whatever it takes.


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